Holistic Consulting

Our team has 40 years of combined experience in developing holistic winning strategies. We work to strengthen organizational capacity and build a strong people’s movement that can create transformative community change. We will work with your Organization/Business to customize the consulting and coaching services to provide staff with the capacity building and leadership development skills that will take your organization campaign to the next level.

Public Policy & Systemic Change

The use public policy as an effective tool in creating system change in their area of interest. Knowing the right policy to advocate for is essential in creating a winning campaign that will inspire your members to get involved and engaging decision makers to champion your cause.

  • Through our expertise, in crafting policy in the areas of consumer protection, public education, living wages, worker safety and land-use, we will work with your organization in crafting a policy concept for your campaign that will create systemic change.
  • Through transformational coaching and consulting, we are able to support Campaign Directors and Organizers in developing an advocacy strategy that will move your policy campaign towards success.

Strategic Planning Retreat

  • We work with Organizations and Businesses create retreats that enable visionary and effective pathways to achieve your mission, organizational goals and strategic plans.
  • We work to tailor the retreat approach and outcomes to facilitate team building, cohesion and best practices organizational effectiveness.

Organizing & Advocacy

  • With 25 years experience in advocacy and organizing, we provide capacity building trainings in grass-roots, coalition building and base building organizing that includes exercise and tools promoting self-awareness and mindfulness when doing organizing.
  • Through transformational coaching and consulting services we will assist your Organizing Team in establishing greater and deeper connections with their base to fully manifest the change that they are working to create.

Media Relations & Communication Strategy

  • Work with the team to frame the campaign, develop talking points and create a compelling narrative that counters the oppositions frame and builds public support.
  • Develop materials that contain our frame including press releases, press kits, strategic op-eds, brochures, banners and fliers.
  • Organize press conferences/public actions and serve as spokesperson in front of media outlets to deliver our message in a professional and positive manner.
  • Cultivate a relationship with journalists and media outlets to accentuate the positives of your industry/business or cause.
  • Establish a presence in Social Media platforms through original video content to deliver your message and provide a rapid response to those opposing your industry/business or cause.

Political Advocacy & Government Affairs

  • Work directly with government officials at the local, state and national level to prevent extreme measures hurtful to your industry/business or cause.
  • Identify, build relationships and inform Elected Officials that will champion your agenda in governing bodies and promote initiatives that will strengthen your industry/business or cause.
  • Build and engage a coalition of workers and supporters in advocating for the positive attributes of your business/industry or cause and confront those advocating hurtful policies and actions.
  • Identify your base and engage them in advocating for your industry/business or cause via social media and online petitions connected to our lobbying efforts at local, state and national level.

“Holistic Strategies Coaching and Consulting has been tremendously beneficial for our organization. Their dynamic and thoughtful facilitation helped us navigate issues of identity among our staff to reach a point of unity within the organization. Through their facilitated dialogues they were able to create a safe space for everyone to engage and connect to one another in a constructive and authentic manner.” – Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director, Ndlon

“Maria Loya successfully led our policy campaign to amend the Los Angeles Responsible Banking Ordinance to incorporate consumer and bank worker protections. She played a leadership role in strategy meetings, communications, policy language development and political lobbying. She worked effectively with elected officials and their staff to move the policy forward.” – Erin Mahoney, District Organizing Coordinator, Communication Workers Of America