Organizers & Light Workers

Organizers and Light Workers are tasked to bring in change in society and help humanity shift to higher level of consciousness and vibration. Many are struggling to balance work and life while experiencing an awakening process that may feel confusing and lonely.


Through dialogue, visualizations and connecting to the body you will:

  • We work with Organizers to provide them mindfulness and self-awareness tools while assisting them to integrate spirituality in their day to day organizing. These practices will provide Organizers with protection against burn-out and self sabotage.
  • Provide individual clients with the tools that will assist them in their awakening process and establish practices for health, wellness, and mindful/spiritual connection that works for you.
  • Uncover and release subconscious habits and thought patterns that keep you stuck and enable you to design a clear and viable pathway to achieve your goals and realign with your purpose through joy.
  • Identify and integrate your core values in your work and relationships while increasing your confidence and effectiveness that will help you tap into and expand your creativity.