Coaching for Non-profits & Advocacy Groups

Holistic Strategies uses a comprehensive approach to capacity building, strategic thinking and leadership development. We offer transformational coaching for organizations looking to create new pathways to personal, and professional growth by overcoming challenges that hinder individuals and teams from living in their full potential to create pivotal change in the broader society.

Mindfulness & Wellness Package

We customize the coaching sessions based on your needs and goals. We provide individual and or group sessions that include trainings and tools to help achieve your goals.

  • Provide capacity building trainings in organizing that includes grass-roots, coalition building and membership/base building. We work with your team to create tools that will work to deepen their connections with the people they are organizing to create stronger bonds and commitment to accomplishing campaign goals.
  • Effectively Address Burn-out. Our experienced team will provide trainings and follow up coaching sessions on establishing work/life balance practices that allows for self-care and wellness with effective quality performance at work.

Public Policy & Systemic Change

The use public policy as an effective tool in creating system change in their area of interest. Knowing the right policy to advocate for is essential in creating a winning campaign that will inspire your members to get involved and engaging decision makers to champion your cause.

  • Through our expertise, in crafting policy in the areas of consumer protection, public education, living wages, worker safety and land-use, we will work with your organization in crafting a policy concept for your campaign that will create systemic change.
  • Through transformational coaching and consulting, we are able to support Campaign Directors and Organizers in developing an advocacy strategy that will move your policy campaign towards success.

Organizational Cohesion & Strategic Planning

Through structured dialogues and group exercises, we help organizations navigate and address issues of race, gender and sexuality in a manner that builds unity among your Organization.

  • We work with your staff to create a safe organizational space to facilitate dialogue groups to discuss issues of race, class, gender and sexuality to confront the perceptions of of the group as they work towards building unity.
  • We assist organizations in the areas of strategic planning retreats, organizing, policy development and creating leadership development tools for help staff thrive.