Individual Transformation

Holistic Strategies uses a comprehensive approach to facilitate introspection and self-reflection. We work to uncover the deeper causes of what keeps you blocked and stagnant which can also have the effect of weighing down productivity.


Transformational coaching is comprehensive in nature that uses a holistic approach that aligns mind, body, and spirit to help bring forth your most authentic self, enabling you to set intentions and achieve goals that are both inwardly gratifying and externally rewarding.

  • Work to uncover the deeper causes of what keeps you blocked and stagnant that weigh down productivity by gaining new levels of insight to move beyond constraints to illuminate strategies and creative new directions.
  • We employ transformational coaching and consulting to support Campaign Directors and Organizers in developing an advocacy strategy that will move your policy campaign towards success.

Family-Centered Youth Interventions & Coaching Package

Mr. de la Torre has more then 20 years working with teenagers and young adults, providing them with the mindfulness training and tools to develop a positive identity while managing stressful situations, effectively navigate peer relationships and dealing with difficult family dynamics. Mr. de la Torre provides 6 & 12 month personalized interventions and coaching for young people between the ages of 13 to 25 years old to: Open for a limited number of clients.

  • Understand the root cause of behavioral issues, trauma, its impact and establish a healing process.
  • Re-focus energy and attitude towards successful goal setting and completion, re-connect with personal values, principles and identify a path towards happiness and purposeful life.